My research interests are broadly in the area of Data Science and Machine Learning, and include the following topics. Sponsored PhD students interested in these topic please get in touch.

  • Developing unbiased deep learning models. The development and evaluation of computational methods toward unbiased AI (especially for predictive modelling and information retrieval tasks)
  • Biomedical predictive modelling and the development of machine learning models which provide reasoning behind predictions.
  • Biomedical data science which involves proposing new methods and approaches for analysing and modelling biomedical data. 
  • Combinatorial feature selection methods for biomedical and other predictive modelling tasks. 
  • Feature extraction and fusion of multi-modal data generated from smart environments.
  • Development of novel methods of overcoming the limitations of deep learning methods when applied to large imbalanced data. 
  • Continual/lifelong learning of multi-modal data. Improving the learning capabilities of deep neural networks on learning ‘limited data’ and their performance on continual/lifelong learning tasks (the ability of deep neural networks to learn new information without forgetting).
  • Multi-modal Information Retrieval for natural language and source code data.
  • Multi-modal Information Retrieval for source code data.

Are you interested in a research collaboration? Please feel free to get in touch.