Recommended resources for project students

Jason Brownlee’s Machine Learning Mastery website contains comprehensive and detailed step by step Python tutorials for learning Data Science. It is the website I recommend for most students who are just starting on the topic of Data Science. If you want to understand and try out conventional and deep learning models via comprehensible and easy to follow tutorials , then this is a great place to start. The tutorials are clearly explained and have been really popular with my undergraduate students.

If you have experience in Python, machine learning and want to try out exciting deep learning and A.I tutorials of challenging real world applications then Adrian Rosebrock’s pyimagesearch website is the perfect place to get you started. It is the perfect starting point for those who are interested in Computer Vision, Deep Learning using OpenCV. The tutorials are clearly explained, there are plenty of exciting real world applications to choose from, and have been really popular with my undergraduate and postgraduate students who are undertaking challenging computer vision and deep learning projects.