Postgraduate Supervisions

Current PhD students as main supervisor.

  • Clifford Zhang – Detection, Classification and Analysis of Defects on Surfaces using Deep Learning (commenced in January 2020)
  • Yan Gong – Visual-Semantic Embedding Networks For Information Retrieval (commenced in October 2020).
  • Andrew Houston – AI models for the diagnosis of lower limb injuries (commenced January 2021).
  • Mikel Williams – Neural Information Retrieval with cross-modal knowledge transfer (commenced in July 2021)
  • Jingrui (Jerry) Hou – Continual Lifelong Learning for Cross-Modal Information Retrieval (commenced in October 2021)
  • Jonathan Bailiss – Analysing and modelling information trajectories in sociodemographic data (will commence in October 2022)

** I am currently accepting self-funded PhD students. If you are interested please get in touch (Email: ). Research topics can be found here ***

Graduated PhD supervisions – Director of Studies (Main Supervisor)

  • Sadegh M. Salesi (completed 2019) – Evolutionary Computation-based Feature Selection for Finding a Stable Set of Features in High-dimensional Data.

Graduated PhD supervisions as Co-Supervisor (Second Supervisor)

  • Rowida Alfrjani (completed 2018) – Exploiting Domain Knowledge to Enhance Opinion Mining Using a Hybrid Semantic Knowledge-base Machine Learning Approach. Director of Studies was Dr Taha Osman.
  • Olfat M. Mirza (completed 2018) – Style Analysis for Source Code Plagiarism Detection. Dr Cosma co-supervised the student. Director of Studies was Professor Mike Joy from the University of Warwick.

Graduated MRes students

  • Gulrukh Turabee (completed 2019) – Sleep Stage Classification Using EEG Signal Analysis and Deep Learning.
  • Salim Sulaiman Maaji  (completed 2018) – On-line Voltage Stability Monitoring Using Machine Learning.
  • Bhavesh H. Pandya (completed 2018) – Multi-modal Biometric Predictive Modelling using Machine Learning.

Selected MSc students

  • Kareem Ahmed (completed June 2020) – Deep Feature Selection and Energy Prediction Modelling using real-world data provided by a company.
  • Jake Ilson (in progress 2020) – Deep Learning for defect detection in train wheels using real-world data provided by a company.
  • Oluwabunmi T. Oloruntoba (completed 2018) – A Modified Cultural Algorithm for Feature Selection of Biomedical Data.