Postgraduate Supervisions

Primary Supervision of PhD students 

Start Date Student name. Project title. Funder. Publications.  
January 2023 Sebastian Cheshire. Developing AI-based tools for Vehicle Condition Monitoring and Maintenance. Royal Air Force (RAF). 
October 2022 Jonathan Bailiss. Analysing and modelling information trajectories in sociodemographic data.  Partner: A County Council.  
January 2020 Clifford Zhang. AI-based Detection, Classification and Analysis of Defects on Surfaces. Railston & Co Ltd and Loughborough University. Published: [1
October 2020 Yan Gong. Visual-Semantic Embedding Networks for Cross-modal Information Retrieval. Self-funded. Published: [1, 2, 3
January 2021 Andrew Houston. Complexity-based approaches to improve trust in healthcare AI solutions. Academic Department of Military Rehabilitation. Published: [1, 2
July 2021 Mikel Williams. Neural Information Retrieval with cross-modal knowledge transfer. Self-funded. Published: [1
October 2021 Jingrui (Jerry) Hou. Continual Lifelong Learning for Cross-Modal Information Retrieval. Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC). 

Primary Supervisor of PhD completions   

2016-2019 Sadegh Salesi. Evolutionary Computation-based Feature Selection for Finding a Stable Set of Features in High-dimensional Data. 2016-2019. Published: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Primary Supervisor of MRes completions 

2019 Salim Maaji. Deep Learning for Real-time Voltage Stability Prediction, Nottingham Trent University. Published: [1
2019 Gulrukh Turabee.  Sleep EEG data classification using transparent deep learning, Nottingham Trent University. Published: [1, 2, 3, 4
2018 Bhavesh Pandya. Deep Learning for multi-modal Biometric Recognition, Nottingham Trent University. Published: [1, 2, 3]  

Secondary Supervisor of PhD students 

2022 Keyi Zhong (Primary Supervisor: Professor Tom Jackson), Business School 
2020 Jing Linglin (Primary Supervisor: Hui Fang),  Computer Science department 
2020 Long Guoming (Primary Supervisor: Tao Chen), Computer Science department 
2020 Jiang Yangfan (Primary Supervisor: Sarah Bugby), Physics Department 
 Total no. of students
Independent Reviewer of PhD students  2
Secondary supervisor of PhD completions3
PhD thesis internal examiner  3
PhD thesis external examiner 1