PhD studentship: AI-based Vehicle Condition Monitoring & Maintenance Using Multi-modal Data (available to UK students only)

Carrying out inspections in vehicles whether motor, railed, aircraft or spacecraft is time consuming and often poses safety hazards to workers.

AI technological solutions can help carry out automatic inspections faster than manual inspections by gathering data which can be automatically analysed for decision making, condition monitoring and fault diagnosis.

Recently, vision-based and audio (an exemplar of which is rail line monitoring for defects through audio collection and comparison) techniques have received attention for defect detection applications, and these techniques have a potential to look into audio monitoring of piston and future potential electric powered aircraft engines to locate the defected areas.

The aim of this project is to create custom Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms to detect and analyse defects found in aircrafts for monitoring and maintenance purposes.

A Royal Air Force 99 Squadron C17 aircraft taking off from RAF Brize Norton providing air transport assistance to France for the Central African Republic (CAR). [Source]