Machine Learning Tutorials

Tutorials on Sequential Models

Tutorial 1: How to: Build and Test a Simple Sequential Model in Python using Google Colab A nice first tutorial for learning to build a Sequential model (non-image data).

Tutorial 2: HOW TO Create your first Sequential Model in Keras: With k-fold cross validation and a confusion matrix This tutorial is similar to tutorial 1, but the code has been extended to include 10-fold cross validation.

Tutorial 3: HOW TO Create a Deep Sequential Model in Keras for mHealth data classification in 5 Steps using Google Colab This tutorial uses large mHealth data of 10 people. The mHealth data is multi-sensor data (non-image data) .

Tutorials for running models published in papers

Code can be found in my GitHub repository. Here I am only posting the ones which have been turned into tutorials.

Tutorial 4: Feature Extraction and Classification using Leading Eigenvectors: Applications to Biomedical and Multi-Modal mHealth Data