Funded Projects

Practical and leadership experience in developing AI solutions across disciplines and skilled in cross-disciplinary collaborations. External funding to the Department of Computer Science/School of Science, Loughborough University was £1.37M.

[PI]: Principal Investigator, [Joint-PI]: Joint Principal Investigator, [Co-I]: Co-Investigator, [R]: Research Associate under my supervision

2023-2027 [PI] Developing AI-based tools for Vehicle Condition Monitoring and Maintenance. Royal Air Force (RAF). £148k. R/PhD: Sebastian Cheshire.  
2023-2025 [PI] KTP project on intelligent SENSE software tool for Government departments. UKRI. £199k. Partner: SVGC technologies. R: Daniel Blake 
2022 [PI] Research Consultancy via Loughborough University. ~£4K. 
2022-2025 [Co-I] DECODE: Data-driven machinE-learning aided stratification management of multiple long-term COnditions (MLTCs) in adults with intellectual disabilitiEs. NIHR. Total: £2.8 million (To the School of Science: £747,973).
PI is Dr Thomas Jun. Partners: Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, University of Leicester, King’s College London, Swansea University, University of Plymouth, University of Nottingham, and DeMontfort University. Rs: Dr Rania Kousovista and Dr Emeka Raphael 
2022-2024 [Joint-PI] I-SIRch: Using AI to improve the investigation of factors contributing to adverse maternity incidents involving black mothers and families. THF/NIHR. Total: £180k (To the School of Science: £109,630). Joint-PI is Professor Patrick Waterson. Partner: Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch – HSIB. R: Dr Mohit Kumar 
2022-2023 [PI] Themis. AI: Ethical AI for Improving Decision-Making Processes. £75k. Funders: Loughborough’s Enterprise Project Group (EPG grant) and Leicestershire County Council. R: Dr Eufrasio Lima Neto. 
2020-2023 [PI] Defect Detection on Wind Turbine Surfaces using AI. £80k. Funder and partner: Railston & Co Ltd jointly funded with LU. R/PhD: Clifford Zhang 
Selected media Articles:
Loughborough University New AI tool, developed by Loughborough experts, 85% accurate for recognising and classifying wind turbine blade defects The EngineerAI tool locates and classifies defects in wind turbine blades The Civil EngineerArtificial Intelligence tool identifies wind turbines defects
See here for more
2020-2023 [PI] Responsible and Explainable AI in healthcare with a focus on military and healthcare patient data. £20k. Partner and sponsor: Academic Department of Military Rehabilitation (ADMR). R/PhD: Andrew Houston. 

Completed Grants (Researchers (R) & Line Management) – Nottingham Trent University 

Each project has the following researchers (R) under my supervision. 

2016-2019 [PI] Novel Approaches for Constructing Optimised Multimodal Data Spaces. The Leverhulme Trust (RPG). £115,355. R: Dr A. Taherkhani 
2019-2022 [Co-I] Managing Affective-learning Through Intelligent Atoms and Smart InteractionS (MATHISIS). EUROPEAN COMMISSION H2020. £467k. R: M. Taheri 
2018-2019 [Co-I] Gender Recognition Act Consultancy. Government Equality Office. Research/consultancy. £24k. R: S. Salesi and O. Oloruntoba 
2018-2019 [PI] Gender Recognition Act Consultancy. Government Equality Office. Research/consultancy. £12k QR funds. R: S. Salesi and O. Oloruntoba 
2018-2019 [PI] Design and development of an instant messaging mobile app. Nottingham Business School. £10k. R: T. Thomas 
2018 -2019 [CO-I] Prostate cancer blood data collection and data preparation. NTU Health and wellbeing funds. £15k. R: Dr Simon Hood 
2018 -2019 [PI] AI-based welding defect detection system (x-ray images and other data). Laser Optical Engineering ltd £20k. R: S. Salesi and T. Thomas 
2018 -2019  [PI] AI-based multi-modal biometrics system. Secure Socialising Ltd. Enabling Innovation fund. £10k. R: B. Pandya 
2017-2018 [PI:] AI-based system for coding medical records. Health and Wellbeing grant (Care IS ltd). £20k. R: D. Nagades Carlon and G. Vourgides 
 2015-2016 [Co-I] Barriers & Inequalities: Towards a Better Understanding of the Poor Prognostic Outcomes for Prostate Cancer in the African-Caribbean Community. Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group (NCCG). £48,000.