Funded Projects

Below is a list of projects that I am currently working on and which all aim to develop Responsible AI solutions that will benefit society.

Start Date(month year), DurationProject Title and DetailsLinkMy Role
1 July 2022
1 year
Themis. AI: Ethical AI for Improving Decision Making Processes.
Award: £64,000
Partners: Local Government Bodies
Staff under my supervision: 1 FT Research Associate for 1 year
Themis.AI PI
1 June 2022
2.5 years
DECODE: Data-driven machinE-learning aided stratification & management of multiple long-term COnditions in adults with intellectual disabilitiEs
Funder: NIHR
Award: £2.8 million
Partners: Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, University Leicester, King’s College London, Swansea University, University of Plymouth, University of Nottingham and De Montfort University
Staff under my supervision: 2 FT Research Associates for 2.5 years each

AI WP leader
1 June 2022
2 years
I-SIRch: Using AI To Improve The Investigation Of Factors Contributing To Adverse Maternity Incidents Involving Black Mothers And Families. THF/NIHR [Start date to be confirmed] (NIHR/THF)
Award: £180,000
Funder: Health Foundation and National Institute for Health Research
Partner: Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch – HSIB
Staff under my supervision: 1 FT Research Associate for 2 years

leading the AI WPs
1 October 2022 PhD studentship AI-based Vehicle Condition Monitoring and Maintenance
Award: Fully funded PhD for 3.5 years
Funder and Partner: Royal Air Force (RAF)
PhD studentshipSupervisor (PI)
**Will advertise soon*
2-year KTP project on AI-based information retrieval and NLP solutions. Details and job advert will be released as soon as possible.
Award: £198,718
Funder: Government Grant, with more details to be announced later.
Staff under my supervision: 1 FT RA for 2 years
Date(month year)DetailsAmountRole
Jan. 21 – Jan. 24AI approaches to optimise the integrated care pathway of military chronic exertional compartment syndrome.
Partner and sponsor: Academic Department of Military Rehabilitation (ADMR) jointly with Loughborough University. PhD studentship. [page coming soon]
Jan. 20 – Jan. 23Defect Detection on Wind Turbine Surfaces using A.I. Railston & Co Ltd.
Funder and partner: Railston & Co Ltd jointly with Loughborough University. PhD studentship.

Selected media Articles:
Loughborough University New AI tool, developed by Loughborough experts, 85% accurate for recognising and classifying wind turbine blade defects
The EngineerAI tool locates and classifies defects in wind turbine blades
The Civil EngineerArtificial Intelligence tool identifies wind turbines defects
See here for more
£80k PI

Past completed grants

Date(month year)DetailsAmountRole
Oct. 16 – Oct. 19Novel Approaches for Constructing Optimised Multimodal Data Spaces. The Leverhulme Trust.£115,355PI  
July 16 – July 19Title: Managing Affective-learning Through Intelligent Atoms and Smart InteractionS (MATHISIS). EU H2020. £466,552Co-I
Oct. 15-Oct. 16Barriers & Inequalities: Toward a Better Understanding of the Poor Prognostic Outcomes for Prostate Cancer in the African-Caribbean Community, Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group (NCCG). £48,000Co-I
Nov. 18 – Jan. 19Gender Recognition Act Consultancy. Government Equality Office. Research/consultancy. £24,000Co-lead
Feb. 19 – May 19Design and development of an instant
messaging mobile app for a business partner
Apr. 19-July 19Gender Recognition Act Consultancy. Government Equality Office. Research/consultancy. £12,500PI
Feb. 18 – July 18Prostate cancer blood data collection and preparation£15,000Co-I
Feb. 18 -July 18A large data AI-based classification system for Laser Optical Engineering Ltd£20,000PI
Aug. 2018 – Oct. 18An AI-based biometrics system for Secure Socialising Ltd.£10,000PI
May 2017-Aug. 17An NLP & information retrieval-based system for coding clinical reports using SNOMED-CT with CareIS Ltd