Funded Projects

I will soon begin the process of recruiting Research Associates for the following three newly funded projects. The RAs will be based in the Department of Computer Science at Loughborough University and supervised by Dr Cosma.

Date(month year)DetailsAmountRole
Start date TBC [1 year]Using Ethical AI for Improving the Decision Making Processes. (1 FT Research Associate for 1 year) £? to be announced laterPI –
Start date TBC [2.5 years]DECODE: Data-driven machinE-learning aided stratification & management of multiple long-term COnditions in adults with intellectual disabilitiEs (2 FT Research Associate for 1 year) (NIHR)£? to be announced laterco-I leading the AI WP
Start date TBC [2 years]I-SIRch: Using AI To Improve The Investigation Of Factors Contributing To Adverse Maternity Incidents Involving Black Mothers And Families. THF/NIHR [Start date to be confirmed] (1 FT Research Associate for 2 years) (NIHR/THF)£? to be announced laterJoint-PI
leading the AI WPs

Projects in progress

Date(month year)DetailsAmountRole
Jan. 21 – Jan. 24AI approaches to optimise the integrated care pathway of military chronic exertional compartment syndrome. Academic Department of Military Rehabilitation (ADMR). PhD studentship. [page coming soon]£7kPI
Jan. 20 – Jan. 23Defect Detection on Wind Turbine Surfaces using A.I. Railston’s & Co Ltd. PhD studentship. [page coming soon]£40kPI