Natural Language Processing

Hello, I am the module leader for the Natural Language Processing module, that is part of the MSc Artificial Intelligence course. I will be delivering the module’s lectures and labs. This page shows the schedule for the module.

Recommended book:

Introduction to Information Retrieval” by Manning, Raghavan, and Schutze.

Day 1Introduction to the module and NLP basics
Day 2Bag of Words
Day 3-4NLP with Deep Learning and Word Embeddings
Day 5LSI for Information Retrieval
Day 6Evaluation Measures
Day 7Sentiment Analysis with BERT
Day 8-9Text Summarisation
Day 10Coursework

Module Delivery

  • Recommended text books: Introduction to Information Retrieval
  • Slides: PPT slides will be available.
  • Slides with recordings: Short versions of the slides with recordings for every lesson
  • Labs: In Python.
  • Weekly lab activities: In Python
  • Live discussion sessions