Natural Language Processing Module

I am the module leader for the Natural Language Processing module, that is part of the MSc Artificial Intelligence course. The module is focused on teaching information processing, retrieval, and summarisation using traditional and neural based approaches. The module first teachers the basics of vector space models and This page shows the schedule for the module.

Recommended book:

Introduction to Information Retrieval” by Manning, Raghavan, and Schutze.

Day 1Introduction to the module and NLP basics
Day 2Bag of Words
Day 3-4NLP with Deep Learning and Word Embeddings
Day 5LSI for Information Retrieval
Day 6Evaluation Measures for information retrieval and ranking
Day 7Sentiment Analysis using BERT and other approaches and evaluation of classification based methods
Day 8-9Text Summarisation (extractive and abstractive) and evaluation metrics
Day 10Coursework

Module Delivery

  • Recommended text books: Introduction to Information Retrieval
  • Slides: PPT slides will be available.
  • Slides with recordings: Short versions of the slides with recordings for every lesson
  • Labs: In Python.
  • Weekly lab activities: In Python
  • Live discussion sessions

The review and details of books I reviewed can be found here

Links to public NLP datasets