Data Mining (soon to be called Natural Language Processing)

Hello, I am the module leader for the Data Mining module, that is part of the MSc Artificial Intelligence course. I will be delivering the module’s lectures and labs. This page shows the tentative schedule for the module.

The module is based two books:

Introduction to Data Mining” Second Edition by Tan, Steinbach, Karpatne and Kumar.

Introduction to Information Retrieval” by Manning, Raghavan, and Schutze.

1Introduction to Programming for Data Science
2Data Mining Basics
3Data Preprocessing & Visualisation
4Feature Selection, Similarity, Distance and Clustering
5-6Information Retrieval and the Vector Space Model
7-8Latex Semantic Indexing
9-10NLP with Deep Learning

Module Delivery

  • Recommended text books: Introduction to Data Mining  and Introduction to Information Retrieval
  • Slides: PPT slides will be available.
  • Slides with recordings: Short versions of the slides with recordings for every lesson
  • Labs: In MATLAB and/or Python.
  • Weekly lab activities: In your preferred programming language
  • Live discussion sessions